being told I need to eat healthy

So food at Albany care is one of the things I absolutely do not like!

Like any institution the food is well not the best. And I’m sure other facilities have worse food. But it comes and goes in terms of what I’ll actually eat.

Some things it’s just how they’re cooked here in particular that upset my stomach. Weeks back I went through a time of having stomach issues once or twice a week for a few weeks due to food or trying to not eat very many snacks to save money.

It’s also hard as I’m a very picky eater here’s the short list of stuff I’ll eat that they have here.

The fruit Plate:

This is my go to when there’s nothing from the main meal or stustitute I’ll eat. It has two types of fruit on decorative lettuce and jello. I always eat the jello even the kinds I don’t like like green or orange just to get something in me.

The people preparing food here are so dumb that they can’t even get fruit right. Obveously anyone knows that there is a right time to eat any fruit. It’s when it’s not too hard or too soft and both extremes are not healthy and could make you sick. Well nine times out of ten the stuff is either too soft or too hard and it’s gross. I’ve gotten upset stomach from this. Even if it’s ok you get sick of melon (I won’t eat watermelon) grapes pineapples after awhile. I love strawberries but they hardly have those. I do like pineapple more than the others they have. I like bananas but they don’t have them often. I don’t like apples except in apple crisp. I do like applesauce. I don’t like organges with seeds I’ll eat the clementine ones or mandarin oranes.

I love French toast and pancakes. When I first came to Albany I refused to eat breakfast because all they had was stuff I wouldn’t eat like dry toast eggs hard boiled and stuff. I will eat scrambled eggs but basically the other thing about breakfast is that it’s cold when you get it. Luckily I have an awesome CAN who brings breakfast up to me in the dayroom. And warms up stuff. And due to my meds I found out I need to eat breakfast the director of nursing asked what I would eat and I said instant oatmeal so we’ve been getting that. At first she bought it but now IDo. At least Iet one good meal.

I don’t like andwiches expt for chicken with stuffing and cranberry sauce. I do eat PB/J but the facility doesn’t have peanut butter. Not because of allergies but because one day long ago someone choked on a spoonful and now it’s banned.

Other stuff I love: Waflles, pastries, muffins cinnamon rolls anything pastry. I’d eat this with oatmeal every day at home.

Pizza, chicken nugets, French fries, steese sticks opocorn chicken, hot dogs hamburgers, nachos no sour cream, sweet potatos, ma mashed potatos (the ones here come in a box so no), mixed begetables, sald with French dressing but mostly lettuce. Strawberry banana smoothies. Chicken but not some of the chicken from here because again some stuff just isn’t cooked right.

So yeah that’s my short list.

So since I was a child if I got too hungry I’d get really weak/ dizzy/ feel like I was gonna pass out. People said it’s hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. My mom has been on a couple school grips where it’s happened and it’s been bad. I’ve just dealt with it. And that’s why it’s very important that I get snacks preferably sugar into me.

So I have issues with money. Because unfortunately we only get $30 a month out of our SSI checks! I soo wish it were more. At Friedman place it’s 90 even 50 would be nice. Jonathan and I’m sure other staff are petitioning the gov to change this.

In the meantime obviously that isn’t enough for anything really. Jess and I do buy shampoo soap personal female items ETC ourselves. The stuff they have here is cheap and not acceptable to me/ her. They don’t even provide shampoo.

We don’t have snack provided either. Just at night and it’s usually literally stale hard cookies. They have “socials” where they give you popcorn or chips or something. But it’s crowded and you have to clor in a picture before you get food. Still Edith said I should go because it’s fre snack though I don’t like popcorn.

Anyway about the money. My mom gives me some every month usually around $ 50 extra. This is spent at Walmart where I get snacks, cookies chezits or at main foods the convience store across the street where I get cinnamon rolls and pastry stuff. But lately paratransit is also thrown in. As next month I’ll be starting with NRS and so that’ll be six dollars a week. My mom is all over the map about everything as you know. A couple months back she all of a sudden started making remarks about us being “careful with our money” and seeming like she didn’t want to give us any any. This totally gave me anxiety and I started being really obsessive about only having one snack a day. But then I’d get upset stomach from having nothing in me.

I told her this. This week she wasa in her I trust you I totally understand I’ll give you $100 mode! You can see relating to my mom is tricky.

Anyway so I was talking to edith about the money situation and how it either comes down to not doing paratransit stuff as in no NRS or less snacks. Having to give up either made me cry.

So she asked me the foods I like to eat/ what I eat and was like horrified. About all the junk food saying that that’s why I have blood sugar issues is due to all sugar and then it just crashing. She’s convinced that if I get healthier snacks I’ll be able to eat smaller amounts of it and be more stable blood sugar wise. I don’t need to lose weight or anything. In fact I was underweight about 104 and 5-2 when I got here. I’ve always been very thin in spite of the junk food. Jess got me to eat three meals a day even if it’s only the fruit and I gained weight and am sitting steadily at 133.

In spite of this Edith is probably right about the nutrition thing. She started to explain about protenes and all this and I’m like just stop! I got a d in nutrition part of health calss so yeah! Probably why I have problems.

I’m not sure about her plan or whether or not it will work. Sometime last summer I wanted to get peanuts and rasens. Well I got this huge jar and didn’t eat half of it. She said if I get smaller amounts I won’t get tired of it. I looked up nonperishable snacks that are healthy and half of it is gross and stuff I’ve never heard of. Edith wants me to drink Kale smoothies. I’m like OMG I Kale? I gave my guiney pig that!
Anyway she’s all fired up about it. She put it officially in my care plan as a goal. So we’ll see what happens. I’m skeptical because I really don’t want to change the way I eat, and I think finding this stuff is gonna be hard and more expensive. The answer is more money obviously! Sorry for the long post but thought it would give insight into the food struggles of living here.

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