very draining day

Today was an extremely draining day.

They’ve brought in some new technology around scheduling with my online volunteer job. In my opinion things were fine but they wanted to upgrade. So it’s been absolutely crazy for everyone this week figuring this new system out. Everyone’s shifts got all over the place with people getting new shifts and not finding things that worked.

My screen reader NVDA is not compatible to the system at all and the staff were understandably so busy with everything as everyone was having issues it took til just about an hour ago to get something nailed down. Meanwhile I and it seemed many others were unsure they could volunteer and everyone was anxious. I really dislike change especially when something was working fine beforehand. To me it isn’t worth all the upheaval.

But anyway things are sort of ok. But not totally and it’s been a rollercoaster for me with this issue. I’ve come so far doing this job and to not have it would be very upsetting and probably set me back emotionally.

Then some of my lamyctol has not come in. Sometimes a prescription ends and and the pharmacy has a delay in refilling. At a psychiatric facility you would think having meds pretty much exactly on time would be a top priority. Again on the subject of change the first pharmacy they had was fine when I came in. They changed to this new one and while they’re not at the rough start they were at things aren’t exactly peachy and these delays are taken in stide even by the psychiatrists. The good thing is I do have my night dose of lamyctol just not the morning one.

Along the lines of my screen reader not cooperating with the online platform I’m freaking out about the same thing happening when I try to do thlocal hotline. I would hate to go out there only to find out things don’t work because of technology.

Aso my caseworker is going on vacation for a week. It makes me want to withdraw and just not talk to anyone. I’m certainly not sharing anything with another PRC who doesn’t understand me. Edith sticks to me like glue even when I don’t want her there.

She’ll be here over the weekend and Monday. I don’t even miss her really just another down thing on the list.

So yeah just having a hard time. Took two naps and that helped.

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