Doing better

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to send a small update. That I’m doing better than when I last wrote. The scheduling thing with my online volunteering has calmed down. It’s not all straightened out but hopefully will be by tomorrow/ early next week.

I only have a week til my NRS interview and am just gonna try and relax and not think about it so much. I do still really wish I could talk with anyone who’s volunteered to hear what it’s like and not off the website you know a personal conversation.

I feel relaxed. I had two naps today which I sometimes do. Jess made me go for a walk with Edith. It was nice fresh air I guess. It’s always good talking with her. Because she’s very perky and open about her emotions. I like people who are animated and genuine. I’m hoping she has a good trip as she’s going on vacation to California for a week. And that hopefully we’ll have no crisis while she’s gone. The PRC she left me with is monica. She’s on our floor and kind I guess. I don’t know her well at all. I honestly don’t talk to any PRCS I don’t know except to say hi in passing. I have to really feel like a person is gonna understand me before opening up emotionally at all. So like I said I’m hoping there will be no issue to have to bring in a caseworker.

That’s about it.

Hoping for a relaxing week.

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