who loves degrassi the next generation?

Hey everyone,

I think I’m gonna do some discussion of movies/ shows in addition to my book reviews.

One of my favorite shows is Degrassi. It’s a Canadian drama featuring teens from junior high through high school. Later in the next generation seasons college as well. This show is known for “going there,” meaning tackling tough issues in a true to life way. Not only are topics such as changing intense friendships, family relationships and romantic relationships covered well, but other deeper issues are done real justice. These include: mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders. Cutting, sexual assault, child abuse, school shooting and more. The acting is very well done and characters believable.

I started watching this show when it aired on the N network. In early 200s the TV network Noggin that had in the past featured shows like Ghost Writer, A walk in your Shoes, bill Nye, and other favorites switched over to a Noggin kids section and “the n” for teens. I was disappointed because I just got my parents to get dish network in order to get this channel. Like six months to a year later it changed over. My cousin and I were especially disappointed about no more ghost writer as we liked that show. But when the preview for the show showed an episode with Emma dealing with her period we were more than intrigued. This became a favorite show of mine.

As many know on here, or maybe you don’t, I’m totally blind. Some truly ignorant people don’t think blind people watch TV or movies because we can’t see. First of all you don’t need to see to watch certain shows. Like close your eyes and watch the news you know pretty much everything that’s going on. Or a kid’s show. Or my other favorite show Starting Over.

In addition to the intuitively dialogue heavy shows out there there is a process called audio description. Audio description is when an audio script describing the actions facial expressions setting changes ETC of the show is layered over the actual audio and put in during natural pauses. I’m mixed about audio description. First of all I’m really picky so stick to like the three shows I watch and that’s it. Seccondly I don’t know I mean I watched some movies with audio description when I was younger but yeah. I watch a lot of made for TV movies that are dialogue heavy.

But for this show from the beginning I’ve wished for audio description. The show is filled with nonverbal exchanges. And yes a lot of it is kissing/ making out! But a lot is conveyed by characters facial expressions/ other nonverbal communication as is common I think in the world of teenagers. Guess that’s why I had no social life. Literally. So I was really excited that I saw that the network in Canada that created the show added audio description. The episodes were put on AMI TV a network exclusively for the blind!

I really really want to know more about this and am doing research along with my sidekick Robbie!

We did find out that Netflix has made a sequil show Degrassi next class. It has audio description. I watched one episode and it was awesome! I loved hearing about how this girl wanted to impress some guy by sticking cotton bading in her pants to make her butt look bigger LOL! Then there were the two guys supposedly over each other who looked into each others eyes and started kissing.

So yeah more drama to come.

Anyway I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the show especially on any episodes that jump out at you as relating to stuff I normally write about. I plan to review some myself.

Here is a blog by a very awesome degrassi lover! She’s a very critical thinker with a good eye for acting and the overall storylines of episodes.


If people want more links on Degrassi please let me know! And if anyone has info on the audio describe episodes in please let me too! Hoping to get them on Netflix.

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