Have created facebook group for mental health support!

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited about my latest project! I’ve decided to listen to the consensus that is that FB groups are the way to go when it comes to one of the most popular venues for online support. I was very resistant to creating one because I was unsure first of all about accessibility issues, the ability to be able to control running the group myself. I’ve heard from other blind people that it is possible to run a group on FB which I’m happy about. Controlling the group through e-mail I heard has ended since 2015 which makes me sad since e-mail is the way I primarily work. But to do this I guess I have to get out of my comfort zone.

I looked at the many mental health/ illness recovery groups out there with so many similar names. I wanted to have mine stand out. I’m hoping A circle of support will catch people’s attention and make them want to check it out instead of being one in a crowd of generic sounding mental illness groups.

I’m keeping the group small. Relatively sixty members or under. This way I can keep better track of how things are going as well as the group won’t get so big it’s unmanageable and people feel overwhelmed by the size. Or left out due to the shere number of folks there.

I’ve emphasized in my guidelines values of respecting each other’s differences, trigger warnings for tough topics, and the importance of reciprocal support and that admins will be monitoring members interactions for these things and gently remind them of the guidelines.

I’m hoping this is starting things off on the right foot to put a stop to any possible drama/ major conflicts. I know we’ll have bumps along the way. Not the least of which is me trying to figure out how to do this! But I’m very optimistic about making new friends, being able to share blogs/ videos/ other info, possibly doing google hangouts or skype chat ETC.

I want to thank all my friends from the two e-mail groups I run. You’ve given me valuable feedback about ideas for this group! My home will always be with you all on our e-mail groups.

Feel free to check out my group!


Comment here, or message me if you have questions. Or you can e-mail: nelsonsam68

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