FB page for a friend of my sister’s who comitted suicide

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this link with you all.


Megan was a good friend of my sisters. They went all through school together. I remember her most coming over our house she was very bubbly and outgoing. She was very open and friendly and didn’t stare at me like her other friends did because I’m blind.

I guess it was no secret that she had mental illness and she was very open about it. It says here that she helped other girls who were going through similar issues.

She severely self-harmed and attempted suicide in the past.

She killed herself last weekend at her college.

Everyone was devastated. They had a tribute to her Saturday and it was very well attended. Her FB post shows how many people cared about her.

On a sam trying to be funny side note, I wish they’d say some original stuff! I mean if I was her reading that which I’m sure she has a laptop where she is, I’d get tired of people saying I was beautiful and lovely. That’s just not her personality from what I knew of her and heard about her. She’d probably be like “ just say I really miss partying or something!”

But seriously. It was very sweet.

Really hit home though. As in 2013 November 10 to be exact I almost ended my life. Well almost tried to. I couldn’t do anything before someone heard a crash and stopped me. But had I had more time I probably would have seriously hurt myself if not killed myself.

I was in such a dark place. I had also had a seizure that day from meds. That and everything just built up from months of running away from my feelings just pushed me over the edge. I truly felt like I was a burden to others. Especially to my family. Because I do have a disability and I felt like I would be doing my sister a favor because I felt like I was always taking up the attention. I was tired of dealing with my family problems and just everything. For months I felt this way. It took time Jonathan, other staff here, Jess and myself to get me out of that.

So I know what it’s like. That when you’re in that dark place really nothing anyone can say will make a difference. Once you’re in that mindset of what you’re gonna do it’s almost peaceful. Though

I’m glad that she isn’t in pain anymore. I hope people don’t judge her for how she died. And I hope that this can help people understand the nightmare of depression, self harm, and other mental illness that robs you ofour will to live in the same way a physical illness kills a person.

I can’t imagine what her family and friends are feeling. But I’m thinking good thoughts and sending hugs.

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