thank you and group link again

Hi everyone,

Want to thank all my readers who have shared my new FB group for those with mental illness A Circle of Support.

I’ve gotten some new followers right away just from posting this which is cool.

All my friends from other online venues have joined which is a great start. Would love to meet some new people especially other bloggers or twitter followers I don’t know very well.

Here’s the link.

After you send a join request one of the admins will write and ask a few questions about you and your situation to be sure the group is a good fit. You will then be accepted shortly.

Members can be 21 and older with any mental illness. If you have additional disabilities/ health issues you’re welcome to post about that as well.

It is important that members have or be in the process of getting in person support outside the group. Whether it’s professional/ friends/ family ETC.

I look forward to seeing how the group grows.

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