reconsidering national runaway safeline again!

You’re all probably as tired of this back and forth as I am!

But talking with Edith and Jonathan again I’m reconsidering it.

One of my main anxieties is getting all ready to do it

And then head over there only to find out that they can’t accomidate my tech needs. So I can’t even get a fair interview like everyone else because that’s in the way. Knowing whether or not they’ll be ok with me using my screen reader on a flash drive or logging into their system with my laptop will probably make the decision for me.

I decided to have Jonathan make calls to the tech person over there. Will see what he says. Then take it from there.

I feel so confident when Edith is around saying I can do it. And then I think the training is really only four evenings out of my whole life that I’ll have to be out til ten. It would really increase my confidence if I could do it as it was something I used to do no problem. I’m really hpping Jonathan’s conversation with the tech person will go well. I laid out step by step in an e-mail what I would need. It’s of course a quest6ion of simply whether their software system is compatible with NVDA. Which I really hope it is.

So I’m thinking good thoughts and impatiently waiting.

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