very quick update

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t written in awhile. Just been a bit stressed.

My original Toshiba computer has had issues with the battery not holding a charge for months now. And the power cord doesn’t fit snugly anymore due to a hole in the casing. Jonathan fixed it and then a few months later it fell again. I feel bad for that!

Anyway so finally the battery got so flat that it can’t work at all without the cord plugged in. I’ve been resisting changing to my new HP because I just hate change. But over the weekend I had no choice.

It’s been going pretty good. I really like typing on this keyboard. We had a problem with the function keys controlling volume and brightness and stuff rather than doing what they’re supposed to do to interact with a screen reader so finally that got straightened out yesterday. Transfering and organizing files is also time consuming.

Then yesterday got the huge shock that I’ve been off on my rent to Albany by 12 dollars since the beginning of 2015 The majority of residents have their SSI check come right to Albany. It’s now mandatory but the people who came in before 2015 can still pay themselves. So I’d been paying but never accounted for the increase in SSI that usually happens every year. I was beyond horrified about this I went to the bank with Mr. J. We basically had our therapy session in the car. I had to pay $120. Thank goodness my mom had put extra money in. I had of course been saving that. But yeah anyway you don’t know the anxiety and guilt I went through about it all.

So tomorrow is the day. The day that I find out if I can volunteer with national runaway safeline. I’ll be meeting with the tech team to figure out if my screen reader will work with their system. I don’t think they have any idea about the technology I use at all so yeah they seem very lost on everything. But anyway it will be good to know either way.

I have two newly read books I’ll be reviewing so that will be good. This was just a short check in.

This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast.

3 thoughts on “very quick update

  1. Glad the new computer is going well. And you got that money situation straightened out. HOpe you do get to volunteer at NRS. Also did you know at the end of each of your blog posts a thing about avast is coming up? Its because it comes up on each of your emails. Just wanted to let you know thats happening. XX

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