update met with runaway youth hotline staff thursday

Hey everyone,

So I think I can finally start writing regularly again. Like I was saying Tuesday I was totally knocked down by the whole you’ve owed us 12 dolars in rent for more than a year and we need it now! Issue. Forever grateful for Jonathan clinical director helping me with all that!

Then this new computer was having issues with not connecting with the internet well. It would go in and out even though the server was fine. Robbie got me drivers and it’s finally working!

So back to what matters in Sam’s world daily!

Thursday I went over to a local hotline to introduce myself to staff. It’s an organization that works with youth and their families. They specifically help teens who have run away from home, are on the streets, or are considering it. As well as their families. They do a lot of different things including supportive listening, discussing options with the teen giving resources. With the families they can talk with the parents and relay messages between the teens and families. As well as do conference calls. It’s amazing to see what they provide and have been providing since the early 70s.

As you know I tried several times to get out the door for an orientation. This was stopped by anxiety/ getting physically sick ETC. So it was a big step that I actually went over there.

I liked the building. The lobby was cozy and the front desk staff friendly.

I met with the volunteer coordinator as well as people who work with technology. I showed them how my screen reading software and notetaker works. They were pretty impressed as they’ve never had an applicant with a disability specifically blind. I liked the technology person. He did know some about disability and accessibility as he had a disabled family member who used this software in the 90s. I got to see the different tasks I’d have to do while there. Like how they enter data search for resources ETC. One issue we had is how I’d coordinate using the while having headphones on at the same time. As I’d need headphones in to have NVDA running/ do what I need to do on the computer. As well as be talking on a regular landline phone.

I really did enjoy the time I spent with them and am as I said impressed at the work they do. I’m really hoping we can work together and I’ll be able to volunteer there.

I will know by next Friday. Am hoping for the best.

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3 thoughts on “update met with runaway youth hotline staff thursday

  1. I’m glad that you were finally able to meet up with them, Sammy! 🙂 At least this way you know it would be … possible … to volunteer there; let’s just hope that they agree to let you! 🙂

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