your favorite forumms/ peer listening sites

Hi everyone,

Wanted to ask a quick favor. I’m wondering if you could recommend your favorite forums or peer listening chat sites. I wish there were more out there.

I know some like myself use e-mail groups or just twitter. Or support through our blogs. But wanted to see what else is out there and hear people’s thoughts.

I tried with seven cups of tea but I lost my account info. I also kind of felt like it was kind of hard to really get to know people on there. I know some people really like it so would love to really get to know someone who uses it often and maybe I can start over again and have a better experience. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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One thought on “your favorite forumms/ peer listening sites

  1. i know of isurvive, psych central, healthy place, and there is also another oen but cant remember the name of it now. most of them are for survivors, of any form of trauma or abuse. XX

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