poor friend with stomach flu

So my friend/ roommate got the stomach flu. It started early this morning. She’s been very sick. It’s going around with the staff but probably also residents. And probably outside the facility as well. I think one reason is the weather. With it being sixty degrees last week and then snowing today it’s just too much.

Anyway it’s also very hard for my friend because some years back she had major stomach issues along with a whole host of serious some life threatening medical concerns. So naturally not only is she anxious about it but it’s justifiable based on her medical history. Though it’s hard as probably all the past information is in her chart somewhere but there’s a toon of files. The director of nursing when she approached her didn’t seem to believe the issues were that bad for whatever reason. The day nurse has the attitude of let it run its course. Which is fine except as I said there are the past issues. From all these medical complications though she did recover from everything her immune system was never the same. When she gets sick it’s a big deal at least it seems it. Issues tend to stick around longer. There’s also the issue of psych meds and if she’s unable to keep anything in her system how her body chemistry would react to the psych meds not getting in for however long.

So I’m just hoping things get better as quickly as possible. I know that another nurse in the director of nursing’s office may understand better. And probably anyone would if they saw the signed paper with all the issues she had way back before coming here. But who knows where that piece of paper is. Also she has her awesome caseworker who will fight for her getting anything she needs.

I also hope I don’t get this flu.

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