curious about the realities of residential treatment

I’m always wanting to learn more about different kinds of mental health treatment. I’m often curious about residential treatment. I feel it’s such a privilege to be able to go to a safe nurturing place for several months to just focus on whatever’s going on that’s blocking you from living a life you want to live. Provided that the staff are good and they’re practicing ethical and sound therapies I’d say it’s a very good thing. One thing I highly dislike, as in want to shake the higher ups, is that this rich opportunity is not accessible to those who don’t have health insurance or can afford it.

Several of the books I’ve reviewed (paperweight, More than you can Chew, believearexic) are set in residential treatment centers for people with eating disorders.

It makes me wonder if these books accurately portray life at these centers. From what I’ve read online on the site below it seems they have. But I haven’t personally talked with many who have gone through treatment.

Below is a very helpful site. It’s first of all a well established blog. There are pages for discussions how to deal with insurance ETC. Most helpful are the indepth reviews that cover any aspect you can imagine of these programs. It’s very important for consumers and their family to know the pros and cons of any program as they’ll be intrusting their lives not to mention spending a lot of money to these places.

Here is the link:

I have some questions for people who have gone to residential treatment.

What lead you to seek out this type of care?

What was the process of selecting a center like?

What was your outside support system like therapist, family ETC? Were they in favor of you going to treatment?

How did you handle the financial aspect?

How did you feel when first arriving at treatment?

Was it what you expected in terms of staff, other patients rules ETC?

What did you find most supportive and most challenging?

How did the program prepare you for transitioning home?

What was it like going back to your regular life after months away?

I’ve read about people going to residential treatment multiple times.

If you relapsed and went back to treatment did you choose the same place or another center?

Feel free to answer any or none of these questions. I’m not trying to be nosey! Just wanting to connect with more people as always who are going through similar issues. Though I don’t have an eating disorder, if I got the chance I would likely be open to going to treatment for my depression PTSD and anxiety just to compare the experience to that of outpatient/ long term residential care (the latter having actually less therapy than one would think!)

Feel free to comment or if you would like to do a guest post on this issue talk to me!

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