would like to organize skype chat or google hangout group chats

Hi everyone,

I’ve done hotline as well as online emotional support. I feel there are clear advantages to both.

I do feel while there’s a certain risk a person is taking if they’re feeling vulnerable and talking to someone on a hotline/ chat, there is also the reward of a connection that is a different kind of depth than one can find in writing. The voice is very powerful and messages carried by speaking have the benefit of transmiting emotion/ intention ETC through the tone of one’s voice.

Unfortunately all the options I’ve found out there that provide both an online chat and hotline option are ones where one needs to physically go to the location for training or the call center to work.

On forums/ read it/ FB groups you have the ability to support one another online but the component of chatting voice to voice is missing.

I don’t have the money to do anything like buy some software or anything. I don’t know of any free alternatives besides us communicating through our blogs or on FB/ twitter though I won’t use twitter chat I just won’t! But then using skype or google hangouts. My friend Robbie sent me some links for audio chat rooms which could be something to look into.

Any thoughts? Hoping we can work together on this and then have multiple ways of connecting and supporting one another.

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One thought on “would like to organize skype chat or google hangout group chats

  1. I’d like a person to skype with and have the call on 24/7 and just be totally cool with not saying anything and just going about our daily business. Just having someone there would help a lot and knowing that you’re not alone.

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