guest blog post: how I was diagnosed with DID, therapy Bits

Hi everyone,

Below is a guest blog post from my friend who’s blog is therapy bits.

The link is:

How I was diagnosed with DID

My name is Carol anne. I am an alter in a did system. I am not the host, her name is shirley and that is our bodys legal name. I am 19 years old but shirley, our body, is legally 35 years old. my story is complex. I have did. I have had it since my early childhood. I split to cope with insurmountable pain and trauma. I was abused on every level, emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually. At a bording school for the blind…yes, I am blind. I live with many alters sharing my body. For years I thought everyone heard voices. I never knew there was a name for it. I thought I was alone in my struggles. Then someone gave me a name, back when I was initially diagnosed in 2001 it was mpd, well it was did back then too but the psychiatrist who diagnosed me knew little about the disorder, he only knew it as multiple personality disorder. I remember when he said you are probably multiple. The shock, and also the relief. There was a name for it. I wasnt crazy after all. It was a normal reaction to an abnormal childhood. After I was first diagnosed I read a lot. I tried to get my hands on as many books as I could about did. I didnt know anyone back then who had it. Ireland is a small country. In ireland, this diagnosis is very rare. Most clinicians dont know what did is, or how to treat it. I was lucky because my then psychiatrist was willing to learn. But for years we, the alters, were afraid to come out to him. Then one day I did. I just said to him, what would you say if i said this wasnt shirley? He almost kealed over with shock. But once he got over his shock he was cool with it. And after that we were able to talk to him and our relationship grew from strength to strength. he was our psychiatrist from 2001 until 2007. we went through many hospitalisations with him. during all of them he tried to educate the nurses and had little success with that. eventually he left the sector and moved on and so did we. we went into long term therapy and did a lot of internal communication, to help us find out about one another. we tried to work hard to learn about each other and what each of us held as far as the trauma went. some did not even hold trauma at all. in 2010 a did specialist came over from the UK to give us a formal diagnosis, we had a clinical interview and other tests with the psychiatrist and did specialist and with our then therapist and psychiatrist present also. after that we got an official diagnosis so now we have papers which state our did diagnosis. our current psychiatrist is great. she really gets it and gets us. she understands did and has done a lot of reading and has been willing to accept all of us where we’re at. she is willing to talk to any alter. many of us trust her and have opened up to her and its very freeing. we’ve come a long way since that initial diagnosis in 2001. things have changed a lot for us since then. we are now in college studying IT. we go to therapy still and have had a wonderfully caring therapist for the past 3 and a half years. Life has its ups and downs but mostly ups. We are happy. We know much more now about one another than we initially knew back in 2000. Did doesnt mean the end. In fact when you are diagnosed, it is just the beginning, it is a long and sometimes painful journey but it is so worth it.

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