as if today couldn’t get any worse fire alarm!


So I was finally settling down after dinner and some idiot decides to go smoke somewhere even though they have a smoking room these people just can’t wait and it set off the alarms. I absolutely hate the alarms it’s so loud you can’t even concentrate on where you’re going. Someone pointed out that if someone has seizures the flashing lights and noise would cause one. Which I didn’t know but it makes sense.

Sometimes I cry at the fire alarms and am just so anxious. But my friend who’s in the hospital told me what to do a million times. Put on my slippers grab a stuffed animal and leave the room and turn right. Once I go down the hallway everyone else is out there.

Oddly though I guess for good reason as there are like hundreds of us, we don’t leave the building. We all go to one of the dayrooms on each floor and wait til they say all clear. So that’s what we did. Then we all got our meds at once which was good. So now I can officially chillax.

But it’s like really? I think my friend and Edith will be proud of how I handled it!


4 thoughts on “as if today couldn’t get any worse fire alarm!

    • Aww you’re the best. Yeah it was pritty cool I got it through it ok as I’m really struggling with so much. Edith will be very happyAnd I’m so glad to have you here for me.

  1. You’re kidding me?!?! Another damn fire alarm? Are they nuts or something??? Of course, it probably was someone who isn’t allowed out of the building and was in no mood to go up to 7.

    • Actually it was this girl who purposely pulled it don’t ask why. Then she fainted completely unresponsive but breathing soo weird anyway so went to the hospital. Was on her way to psych anyway. So now she’ll probably get some medical tests to figure out what in the world happened! It was scary hearing them call her name and her not wake up.

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