caseworker finally checked in very fast

So had dinner ok. Glad I just have the rest of the night to get through and then I can sleep.

Finally a caseworker, my friends actually came by to “set her eyes on me” as she would say. She’s black if you couldn’t tell LOL!

Anyway I figured in spite of my normally not wanting to open up I figured if a caseworker did come by and tried to start a conversation I would humor them and talk about something just to have some staff attention for a little while.

But she was literally in and out. Asked if I had my meals basically and that was it. Said she got caught up earlier and that’s why she didn’t come in the morning like she was supposed to. The other caseworker that I said I’d talk to never came at all.

So she was in and out and I was sad because I know she’s such a thorough caseworker because I see how she works with my friend. I know I’m not her client but I wish she had the time to sit and really ask how I was. But she probably just had to go home.

I’ll be glad Edith will be there tomorrow.

It’s so hard not having anyone in person to really talk to.


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