hopefully last crisis of the night someone went to the hospital for medical crisis!

So was hanging out after everything hoping that it would be a relaxed rest of the night. Then they called a “code green” to the PRC office on our floor. Which means it’s a medical emergency. Often falls or choking or seizures.

So since it was on my floor of course I stuck my head out the door to listen. Apparently this woman just passed out or something while with her caseworker. She wassadly unresponsive. Don’t know the story with her breathing. I heard something about oxygen but don’t know. They didn’t seem too paniced though I guess you have to stay calm in an emergency. They kept trying to get her to respond but she wouldn’t. So the ambulance came and took her.

Maybe she has seizures and that guy’s theory about the noise and flashing lights set one off!

Just so much in one day!

I did talk with my mom after the fire alarm and before the code green and she actually was good at listening to everything which was nice.

So no more issues tonight! Please!


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