yesterday was better

Hi everyone,

So yesterday was better. No fire alarms or medical emergencies.

The girl that had the emergency was also the one that pulled the alarm. She fainted really bad but I guess is ok now.

Friday I just hung out. Did normal stuff. Saw Dr. Fyazz my psychiatrist. She did an annual evaluation. Everything is good basically. Meds are good, haven’t been hospitalized since2014. Haven’t cut in a long time. Last year 2015 don’t know when the last time was.

So yeah doing really good.

Edith came by for like an hour. It was so so nice to just talk with her about everything. She’s happy I’m doing so much better as I was inconsolable when Jess left. She explained how the caseworker who came by so fast on Thursday night had been there all day and didn’t end up leaving til eight thirty at night. So yeah she was just a bit stressed.

The other one who was gonna check on me was out sick.

I’m still upset about not being able to see Jonathan during all this. But know that he’s still probably going crazy with what happened last weekend, the person dying. Plus the change in License which will be next month.

It’s comforting that Edith will be here through Monday.

Today again just hanging out. Had meds breakfast and nap. Will probably just zone out the rest of the day and do my thing.

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4 thoughts on “yesterday was better

    • Hey. I don’t like fire drills. Sometimes I’m calm and often I’m just very anxious/ upset. It’s just way too much noise. You can’t even think. Anyway how’s the new place?

      • The new place is cool I like my psychiatrist. I love all the staff. We have another blind lady here as well.

  1. That’s awesome! It sounds like a really good place. Maybe you could write a post about it going into as much detail about it with the name and everything you can think of. I did this with albany care and have gotten a few people who are interested in such a facility to look further into it. There are rarely reviews of this stuff. So it could help a lot of people. That’s awesome about the blind lady. Is she young or older? We have me plus three deaf residents it’s awesome when places can be disability friendly.

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