Mental Illness Caring and sharing


My name is Sam. I’m 27. I have been helping moderate e-mail lists since 2013. I have a BS in counseling psychology and do other online emotional support things.

I’m very passionate about people with mental illness, and disabilities, or both getting the support and resources that we need.

That’s why I like e-mail lists. And blogging and vlogging though no one seemed to really respond to my vlogs so I stopped that.

Which is sad. Because I heard the youtube community was a lot more alive years ago.

But anyway I like anything that brings people together from anywhere in the world.

So anyway I’ve started an FB group called Mental Illness caring and sharing.

Here is the link.

There are so many support groups on FB for mental illness. Mine is different because it will be drama free. No huge arguments and stuff happening under admins noses and nothing is done for days! No photos as I and other members are blind. Will have the possibility of voice chat through skype and google hangouts. Will discuss literature related to mental illness as well as daily issues. Literature being MI related books, movies TV video gamesmentally ill pets LOL! Etc.

And there’s only one Sam. And Robbie. Robbie and Sam often reffered to on this blog. So come meet us! And my other awesome friends. And have fun.

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