Jess coming home today! excited and anxious

So Jess is coming home from the hospital this afternoon. Asuming everything stays the same as last night.

I was so overwhelmed with happiness when I read that e-mail!

I can’t wait to squeal with joy and hug her endlessly!

I do hope that she’s really doing as ok as she says she is. She wasn’t in there all that long and just hope she wasn’t trying to get home faster because she knew I was lonely. I’d hate for her to come home and not do good again and end up back there.

I hope that she’s able to stay in our room and not have to go to the observation room. Which is hot and people have the lights on are in and out of the room ETC. I wasn’t blogging at the time but wish I had been so you’d all hear about the craziness of the room sometimes. Never knowing when someone new would come in because they need observation, having to have the stupid door open, the staff talking loud residents talking loud it’s just nuts!

But it’s protocol when someone self injures they go in there if the staff doesn’t think they’re going to be “safe” and whatever. It’s so counterproductive really. And I would not accept it!

Jess did advocate for herself which I’m very proud of. Already wrote the clinical director and caseworker on it.

So we’ll see.

I just love her and hope she settles in good from the hospital which can be a hard transition. And can pick up where she left off with her goals and stuff.

You’ll hear me squealing from all over where you all live when she gets home! I put our favorite quilt named quilty on her bed fluffed the pillows and her stufties are waiting for her!

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