all resident meeting tomorrow

We found out late this afternoon from an announcement over the speaker by the administrator that we have to go to a mandatory meeting in the dining room tomorrow and all residents have to be there. Last I checked there were over two hundred residents. I think our capacity is three hundred something I’m not sure. Anyway you get the point of the chaos of trying to get even a hundred residents (many that act like five years with no manners ETC) into a room to listen for any length of time and then ask appropriate questions.

I’m not looking forward to it. They have meetings here. They have community floor meetings every week. Which I’ve never gone to as I think it’s a waste of time and emotional energy being frustrated. Again, the whole residents acting like kids no manners thing. If I have an issue I go right to the appropriate staff. Same with monthly resident counsel meetings. Which I’m glad they have these meetings. It’s very important and I believe even the law. I sometimes wish the majority of the residents were more able to conduct themselves appropriately as there could then be some really good discussions.

We’re pretty sure the meeting is about the change in license that is happening. That this has been considered a nursing home. But now will be a Specialized Mental health rehabilitation facility SMHRF It means many things. One is that the rooms need to be double rooms. Which the majority are four or three person so that would cause some huge construction. Other than that it would consist of more highly educated professionals working here. There will be a push towards people with a lot of physical problems, on walkers and with issues that are more physical than psych to be going to skilled care facilities that would also have psych services. Under the nursing home license I assume they could take like anyone who qualifies for a nursing home as long as they have a psychiatric diagnoses. And now with this the assessment process will be more fine tuned.

I can’t wait til there’s a chance to get a sensory room, therapy animals, and music therapy. But I know I have to be patient and not go crazy.

I am excited for the changes. But know they will be stressful. I’m also not thrilled that the admin spurng this I’m sure on everyone. I had just talked with Jonathan earlier in the afternoon and he was very laid back about the process in its early stages not really impacting us. Now this meeting. So yeah.

I believe that they should go floor by floor. Ugh just having those on one floor in the same room is terrible. Think fire alarms! But at least it wouldn’t be the whole building. And they could give more individual attention to questions and such and maybe control things a bit better. Then again I know that this will make every staff member here be present to keep control so hopefully it will be ok.

Definetely will need an ativan.

For more information about SMHRF facilities in IL go to these links

Funding site petition

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