Accused of faking my disability on a “disability support” facebook group

So today I had a very interesting experience. I joined an FB group for people with disabilities. I said I was totally blind and introduced myself on my interests ETC and said I was interested to get to know people and what their disabilities were. I got some nice responses and learned that the majority of the members have physical disabilitys, CP, serious physical injuries ETC. I kind of thought the group would be more diverse.

I was shocked when I came to a comment saying something like this must be a fake account, totally blind yeah right! They then said they have a “real disability” due to seven back operations and heart problems. They really didn’t write all that clearly but that was the point. I was like ok weirdo!

But then others joined in too saying how could a totally blind person read responses even be typing on the computer ETC. Finally someone with a couple brain cells pointed out that “maybe she has a screen reader or something but costs a lot.” Linked to a video on “how blind people use the computer!”

They were still debating whether I was fake or not by the time I joined the discussion again. I thanked the genuine people for their responses. I was like seriously? This is a disability group and first off all your first reaction because this is a disability that you’ve obviously not heard of (blind hello?) that your first reaction is to say I’m a fake.

Secondly it’s 2016! How could you be so ignorant that you’d think a blind person couldn’t use the computer? Or even have someone type for them and read it back (which some people still think happens but yeah). Anything is better than saying might I emphasize on a Disability Support group oh this person is blind, OMG how can someone be totally blind and be on FB so they’re a fake!

I could see on some other group with really ignorant nondisabled people. Just never thought I’d run into other people with disabilities so ignorant that they can’t imagine someone even with a disability they don’t understand can’t do something so basic. And you know what? No one even said they were sorry. One of the people who originally questioned me was like “well I’m always acused of having a fake disability on these groups.” It’s like really? That’s just sad. That this person has been so jaded that their first impulse is to call someone a fake (another disabled person) without any questions or anything.

I’ve never experienced something like that. Well I kind of have with a certain group of the blind community. But I guess I really didn’t think it would happen on such a group. I thought first of all that there would be more diversity with different disabilities represented. But the worst thing was just the whole interaction. I hope no one else experiences anything like that. It’s a good thing this wasn’t like my first attempt at reaching out for support and I was in real crisis or something. As it is I really don’t care much about the group itself. I have plenty of support I was just trying to keep networking and trying to connect. But I’m still just LOL really? Over the whole thing.

So yeah. The group is called again Disability World. I wouldn’t join it unless you want to set a bunch of ignorant people straight which we all know as people with disabilities we do enough in our own lives.

icon-envelope-magnifier-orange-v1.png Scanned for viruses.

3 thoughts on “Accused of faking my disability on a “disability support” facebook group

  1. I hate that you went through this. Facebook can be a cruel place. People are not always who they say they are on these online networks. There are also people called trolls that feed off of getting people upset. Please, do not let this one group get to you. You do not know them, and they do not know you.

  2. Hi. Thanks. I wasn’t upset. Actually thought it was pritty helarious. Scrolled through the group and those that commented seemed to be regular members of the group who are nice to each other… I don’t know. Just was really telling that one person who started it off who said that people accuse her of faking and so her first reaction is to accuse someone else. Just sad.

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