short on patience/ up and down day

So today has definitely been an all over the place day for me. First in the morning I was so tired after breakfast I didn’t even stay up til Jess came back from breakfast just fell right back to sleep. Was tired after n my nap and irritated at lunch. Though that’s pretty easy because it’s crowded as hell in there everyone being loud most of the time, Kate can’t even sit with us because of some really stupid organization rule put in place to give some kind of order to residents coming and going. But anyway. Gross lunch hardly ate anything like literally.

Then ended up not seeing Jonathan. Ever since the death a couple weeks ago it’s been a nightmare. They’re doing the change of license thing and I’m sure that’s hell to deal with with all the staff to possibly train, paperwork three hundred residents or more to figure out anything new for ETC.

Then his assistant the assistant director is out on medical leave possibly til after she has her baby. So he has to do her job as well as his.

So not sure if I’ll see him sometime this week or not.

Some other stuff irritated me but I cleared it up. There was an issue on my e-mail list but it was resolved well.

I’m on a book group that believe it or not doesn’t want to discuss the books! They just post hey this book is great, and oh this gets me won’t even put the title in the post just a photo of it! I mean seriously?

So the admin got all huphy when I pointed this out. Said that too many people read the same books or there are too many books being read or something and “the group would be flooded with boring posts about the book. And then some people wouldn’t want to buy them.” I guess awhile back some member decided to post about a book actually talking about it rather than a vague summary and others got upset saying they were giving the book away. This is a group where everyone has or is reading the same kinda authors. It just doesn’t make sense to me at all. So I gave up arguing with her.

Then poor Jess went to see her caseworker only for there to be a code yellow ( serious crisis) and the cops showed up. I felt so bad for her. I just hope she’ll be ok.

Then had a tense conversation with my mom and eat a whole small container of cookies to keep from being totally overwhelmed while talking to her.

A huge part of this is my period not coming and just feeling physically and emotionally so off. Hoping it gets itself over with!

So just very up and down.

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