Very tough day found out will need fillings at dentist

I’ve been trying to get into the dentist forever. For awhile I was gonna be going to the dentist I had seen at friedman at one point, so I heard, and I was so happy to actually be seeing the same person twice. I’ve been through five dentists since coming to Chicago because you see one and then they stop taking Medicaid or the place decides they’re working with someone else or something.

So anyway well turns out then that the guy I’d previously seen decided to stop taking Medicaid people.

So I was told that there was another place Bobbie, the staff who makes resident’s appointments, was trying to get me into. Edith didn’t know what day my appointment was.

It won’t be a surprise to hear this story. Last night at ten thirty Jess and I were half asleep. CAN comes in with a piece of paper saying I have to leave at noon tomorrow for the dentist. Gives the practice name but no address or phone number. Of course I’m all anxious as I am when I get hit with a surprise appointment.

I’ve given up trying to reason with these people nursing, bobbie ETC about how disrespectful it is of us and our time and everything to just assume we have nothing better to do than to be going to appointments we know nothing about. And that they can just do this at the very last possible minute and we’re supposed to drop everything and it will be ok. But they really don’t get it. It’s a waste of your breath talking about it.

So anyway today at least I got my morning nap in. I was anxious of course getting everything packed up and getting lunch in thinking we had to be there by 12. Leave by then.

So we’re sitting there and sitting there. And they usually only want people sitting in the lobby if we’re waiting for an appointment to leave or something. But it was wicked busy down there. Anyway long story short when Jess got the attention of one of the desk people turns out that they wrote the time wrong we were leaving at one.

So we went upstairs and basically came down again.

So I went over there with this Ashley girl for my escort. Went in there took x-rays. Which I really hate how these plastic film things they use go into your gums and dig in.

Then the Dr.’s assistant cleaned my teeth I guess? She didn’t polish them with the toothpaste she just used water. She scrapped and stuff between my teeth to get the junk out. But usually they do the whole polish thing and also floss.

But that’s all she did.

Then the Dr. Came back in with the x-rays. Oh forgot to say both the Dr. and her assistant speak Spanish but speak English perfectly well. So they’re standing there talking in Spanish about my x-rays. So all of a sudden she says I need to come back so she can “fix something.” I asked what. She said something about fillings and getting black stuff out. She didn’t say the word cavity just that she’s going to do two fillings but I’m sure that’s what she meant.

Before I could ask anymore questions that was it I was out of there.

So I’m like crying because of how anxious I get. I hate that this couldn’t have happened in MA where we have an awesome dentist. My mom has had bad experiences with dentists who will say oh you need fillings or whatever done just to get money out of you. Plus different dentists do things differently. Like what if this woman screws something up or just doesn’t do it as good as someone like the awesome dentist we have in MA would. I mean this is my teeth. The two once they get fillings are dead. That’s what it means when you have cavities is that the tooth is dead and they’re just doing the fillings ETC so you can still use that tooth and it doesn’t totally rot away. But it’s pretty much dead.

That said someone could really screw stuff up. I saw this show about some guy who got this disease where he felt like bugs were crawling on him. Years later he found out it was because he had nine fillings and they had mercury in them and it went to his brain. But I found out I guess they don’t use mercury anymore which is one disaster I’m free of.

So yeah I’m an anxious mess on it. It’s always the thing I’m afraid of about the dentist. It takes forever to get in with the dentist here because there are so many people and she has to do emergencies first. But I’m always telling Jess and Edith like OMG I’m so worried I’m gonna get cavities. Even though I don’t have any pain and they say my teeth look fine. And they’re like no you’ll be fine. Well not this time and it’s really hard for me.

Though it’s not allowed because Jess and I are two residents at this facility, we can’t go to each other’s Dr.s appointments. It’s against hypa rights and all that. But we’re trying to get it so Jess can come with me this time. Like sneak in say she has an appointment or something.

We’re also first going to ask if we could use the disability van to go to the appointment on our own. This might not be allowed. But if it is it will save on the anxiety so much. The escort thing is just crazy. Both women were distracted and not all sympathetic to how I was feeling the times I’ve gone with them. Well this was the first time with this Ashley girl. And she was the worst. She asked the front desk to watch us both while she ran to the store and bought snacks. Then she sat there on her iphone on some kinda chat, not skype but something, some kind of video chat with her friend. And she and that friend talked so the whole room could hear sometimes.Swearing, gossiping just Ashley totally kicked back eating her snacks chatting it up with this girl about how this other girl’s a bitch and on and on. This went on for the hour it took from when we were done to when transportation finally showed up!

And every so often she’d say to her friend Oh it’s ok they’re running late I’m still on the clock! Yeah you’re happy to get paid for talking on the phone and eating. Meanwhile I was crying about the news of my fillings and she said I had nothing to be upset about and just ignored me.

So the escorts are totally useless. So basically if I can’t have Jess with me I’m in this alone I’m not gonna get any support from either of those to.

So yeah pretty stressed out about the whole thing. I guess we’ll just see what happens.

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3 thoughts on “Very tough day found out will need fillings at dentist

  1. I’m so ssorry. I hate the dentist. And that Ashley girl sounds like she should be fired. How freekin rude! Shelly

    • Thanks. I’ve never hated the dentist. Because I’ve always had cleanings. The only other times I had anything bad were geting my wisdom teeth out which was not bad at all because I had the best most gentle oral surgion I was fine in like a day I don’t remember having any pain. And when I had two teeth pulled to make room for braces. That I didn’t like. Takes a lot of force to get a tooth out.Swallowed a lot of blood and got really dizzy. Yeah put me to sleep next time you take teeth out thank you!
      But I’ve never had this done. And like I said I’d be way calmer about if i could use the dentist that we’ve been using for awhile at home. But that’s across the country so yeah!
      And Ashley? Yeah she is rude. So is the other one Rita. But yeah she was just totally zoning out on that phone. And as I said not having the most g rated conversation either! Considering talking to staff. Will talk to PRC first and go from there. If it’s even a bit more common than this one experience she should be fired. Escorts are hard to find though.

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