update on dentist stuff

Hi everyone,

A quick update on the dentist stuff. Friday I settled some things which I hope will make the appointment easier. We actually are able to have Jess go with me! This contradicts their very strict rule that residents can’t be a part of other resident’s medical care, literally even if they’re a couple it’s terrible! And because the only person we asked is the woman who makes appointments she said yes. If the director of nursing found out it would be a different story.

Anyway we’re going on paratransit. $6 is so worth not having to deal with escorts who honestly hate their job and don’t care. I really hope the woman from Thursday leaves obviously she really doesn’t care about her job if she’s skyping while supposed to be watching residents. Not to mention very lacking I in compassion. So I won’t have that stress.

I called the office and wanted to get information on when the dentist would be able to talk to my mom, in Spanish so we could get an idea exactly what they’re doing. Since she and her assistant chose to talk in Spanish in front of me when they can speak English perfectly well my mom’s gonna play their game and talk to them in Spanish if that’s what they want. Hopefully I’ll know more about it.

So yeah still anxious but know my big sister will look out for me. And will make sure I don’t do anything to try and get out of it! Everyone is like just get it over with. And I know how appointments are normally made around here in the most disorganized way possible so I’m lucky we were able to make the appointment right at the desk. I hope I have no more cavities in the future.

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