long but good day!


Today was very long. We left for Oakton community college at ten thirty. We got there and Jess did some talking with financial aid. Then we had lunch in their cafeteria that has awesome but expensive food. We got cheeseburger for Jess chicken fingers for me two orders of fries doughnuts and drinks and sadly all that cost
$16! We think next time we won’t get two orders of fries.

Then we went and met with Kate the disability coordinator. She had a nice quiet office and was a very caring person. She said that they’ve had a lot of blind students as well as deaf students. I said I might want to take an acting class but thought the professor would have a heart attack knowing that a blind person wanted to do this. She actually said she would see what she could do if I wanted to do that. I said I had a deaf friend and wanted to take their ASL class. That she said she didn’t think would be possible but she wasn’t like overly shocked that I’d want to learn this. It was awesome to be a helpful little sister and bring up things that might help Jess do her best at school. They were both open to my ideas. I discovered that the school seems to handle psychiatric disabilities with compassion and wanting to do the best for students.

After this Jess went and took her placement math test. I was very happy I didn’t have to participate in this because I hate math! Really hate math! So I sat in the nice waiting area going over my ASL letters from the Book the everything sign language book. It’s on bookshare and seems to have good descriptions of how to do the letters. I couldn’t hold my hand the right way by my face because there were others there and I didn’t want them to think I was weird or anything so I did it all in my lap. Which is a bad habbit because then I forget when I’m with my friend and try to sign that she can’t see it unless I hold my hand by the side of my face make sure I’m turned towards her with my palm facing her. But anyway at least I’m practicing the fingers in the right positions. Soon my fingers got stiff from playing twister so I decided to give it a rest. By that time Jess had finished the test.

Then she went for a meeting with her advisor. This time I started reading a book called Deaf blind reality where people wrote in about their experiences with being deafblind. So that was kinda cool.

So Jess has had a full day of school stuff. We’re gonna come back in two weeks to do more forms. She’s gonna take two summer classes math and history. Sorry I hate both subjects so can’t help. I’m happy to be the little sister shadow.

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