still nervous about the dentist but know what to expect


So my mom kept her promise and called and talked with the dentist today.

Apparently she’s not Spanish. My mom says she sounds Indian. But my mom was still able to have a great conversation with her. My mom for all her issues is great at getting stuff done. She told her about me and that I’m blind and very anxious about stuff. She amazingly offered that the upcoming appointment could be a consultation where she brought out props of teeth what a cavity feels like (fake obviously!) and the different stuff she’d be doing. So I’d have that and the actual appointment later.

As much as I’d love a lesson on how to fill cavities since I’d then come home and start drilling away, we really want to get this over with. Especially Jess as she’s getting tired of hearing Jess I don’t want to go! I’d have the appointment learn all about cavities and still be anxious for another couple weeks or however long.

My mom walked me through it over the phone. How they prenumb you with Jell then do the novacaine. Then do the very loud drilling which is the worst part. Jess is gonna have to cover my ears! I’ll just bury my head in my stuftie I’m taking. Then they fill it and that’s it. My mouth will just feel weird for awhile.

Sounds simple but I know I’ll still be a crying anxious mess. Who knows maybe I’ll be totally chilled out from ativan.

I’m glad my mom talked to her and thinks she’s nice. It’s good to know my mom is there for me with stuff like this.

I’m really sad though that I’m not gonna learn how to drill people’s teeth LOL!

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