night before the dentist


So it’s almost nine. I’m doing ok actually. Anxious but wanting so much to get it over with. Which is why though I am amazed the doctor would do the consultation it’s best to just get it done and have people talk me through it.

I’m hoping it won’t take long and won’t hurt or feel weird after. At least both cavities are on the right side of my mouth so I have a whole other side of my mouth to chew and such if it hurts later.

I know Jess will be there all the way which makes it better. Edith dropped off paperwork that we will need.

I was very upset that Jonathan couldn’t meet with me this afternoon. I know he has a ton of admin stuff to do especially as his assistant is on leave. So Edith did come have a good check in tonight which was nice. I’m so happy to have her in my life.

Really not much else to say. Just hoping for the best tomorrow.

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