dentist went well!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to quickly update that the dentist actually went awesome. I know taking an ativan helped. The worst part was actually the waiting room. OMG. So it’s like pretty small. We had all these weird people from another facility there. One woman was talking about having 14 cavities ahh! Anyway they were all kinda obnoxious. There was this stupid game show on and they were kinda playing along with it. It was just so irritating. There was someone ahead of me and so I was worried they’d never get to me and I just wanted it over with.

Finally they did get to me. And she was really nice and gentle. Jess sat right there at the foot of the chair. She says next time she should tickle me next time. Anyway they didn’t even have to numb me. I guess they drilled but it didn’t hurt at all. Then just put the filling stuff in which tasted like Styrofoam. The worst part was not eating or drinking for an hour after mostly drinking as I was very thirsty. Other than that came home and ordered out pizza!

So all that anxiety for nothing. Story of my life!

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