Guess I’m doing DBT LOL!

Hi everyone,

So my caseworker Edith used some very cute reverse psychology on me to get me to do DBT. Edith has the ability to be easygoing and with a good sense of humor as well as having great clinical skills.

So all she said is said with her usual light tone of voice and smile that you can’t put into the written word.

So I’m like yeah I don’t need the DBT group. She’s like you don’t need this group that will help you with your anxiety, overwhelming emotions, depression ETC? Well everyone who lives here has to be doing some kind of treatment, group day program ETC. (this is actually true though not enforced with everyone. And I’m technically doing treatment with her individually and Jonathan which counts, but more to the point). So, if you’re not engaging in treatment I guess you’ll have to go live somewhere else! We’ll say she’s cured yay! And throw a party. And send you back to Friedman Place. They’ll say oh we have a three year waiting list, and we’ll be like hey well she doesn’t belong here so we’ll just throw her back in her apartment with whoever lives there now. (last time I checked it was some random woman’s boyfriend!).

On top of all that she said that if I didn’t do DBT here at Albany, she’d have no choice but to send me back to this day program I absolutely hated. You had to get up at like seven and it was an all day thing with therapists I really didn’t like and who didn’t like me, and people who were so zoned out on meds it was sad. So I’m like ok ok I’m going to group! Only Edith.

See this is why she’s the best caseworker ever for me. She always gets a laugh out of me when I’m anxious. Of course sometimes I get mad at her when I feel that she’s not taking something seriously that I feel should be taken way seriously because of my anxiety. But we get over it pretty quickly. She’s not easily pushed away or worn out by me. She’s dealt with everything I’ve thrown her. The worst though was when I had that intense month of wanting out of here so bad to the point I considered going back home! That stressed us all. But yeah she kinda takes everything in stride. And never is distant or too clinical sounding. So yeah she’s a keeper.

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2 thoughts on “Guess I’m doing DBT LOL!

  1. Its Carol anne. Under another wordpress name. I have two. I hope the dbt is helpful. I do like a lot of the dbt concepts. And it is definitely helpful for intense emotional overwhelm. XX

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