long day

Hey. Everyone,

Today was kinda a long day. I took Jess to oakton again. It was good to get out but the noise in the building irritated me people around physically feeling crowded . People talking loud in the cafeteria etc. I think I should have taken an ativan. Don’t know how I survived living at a big university. Guess I was busy self-harming to numb all my feelings. Or my anxiety did get worse after my breakdown or something.

I was glad to take her though. And she got done what she needed to in like a half hour. So we were able to get lunch which was very good! And come home earlier than planned. I took a nice couple hour nap. So two naps today but I did really need it.

Tomorrow Jonathan says his schedule is clear to see me at one! He seemed confident on this and Jess said he even looked a lot more refreshed than he has in awhile. So hoping to have a good session. Will get a lot off my chest, about life and of course not seeing him!

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