hate hate fire alarms

So we had a lovely wake up call this morning at two in the morning! The fire alarm.

We thought it was someone smoking in their room/ bathroom for sure or someone pulled it. They’ve gotten way stricter with the smoking in your room/ bathroom/ stairs/ anywhere but the right places so we were eager for some annoying can’t follow the rules person to get kicked out!

Sigh. Sadly not true. We heard it was the first floor washing machine. That over heats and has smoke coming out of it or somehow catches fire not like explodes into flame but enough to set off the alarms. This has happened one other time. Wish they would fix it!

Well I got an ativan after the alarm. Think I was supposed to wait til later because I take 1 mg at night so shouldn’t technically take .5 til I think like the morning. But hey that’s cool lol. Did sleep good after that and had a good morning nap.

Robbie and I ended up having to change our visiting plans for today which now I’m kind of glad about as there’s no way I would have gotten to FP. Well I’d be half asleep and then slept on his bed for awhile LOL!

So yeah not the best start to the day but hey that’s ok.

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