facebook group I highly recommend on mental illness support

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately my mental illness caring and sharing FB group is still extremely quiet and not taking off. Am frustrated and wondering if I should leave it up or not. One problem is half the group is people who already really know each other and are in other groups. But there are a bunch of other members who just don’t post that often so yeah. Don’t get why my one group took off so well and no others have. But I’m so happy that blind mental health is and will always be awesome.

Anyway I have found an FB group I’m really happy with on mental illness support finally. Called the mental illness fight all types


This group is extremely well moderated. Been around a year or so, huge membership like thousands of people. But surprising it’s not overcrowded. The same group of people seem to post a lot and that really helps make it seem like a community. They have a bunch of admins obviously who really know what they’re doing. No weird pictures of SH, or spam or anything. Haven’t seen any big drama or conflict. Are very disability and DID friendly. I just started posting yesterday so don’t know all the ins and outs but am very impressed.

So would totally recommend this group. May work with the admins there to help this group as running my own doesn’t seem to be working. Would love others to join!

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