I missed DBT this morning feel bad

Hi everyone,

So I unfortunately missed DBT group this morning. I have hypoglycima I don’t know if that’s the right spelling. It’s not officially diagnosed. I heard to do that you’d have to test my blood sugar endlessly and who wants that!

But since I was a kid I would get extremely hot weak and dizzy when I was hungry and it could happen even if I thought I’d eaten enough.

Unfortunately I’m very low on snacks. And I lost my bank card this week. I had to cancel it and will get a new one tomorrow. So I probably waited too long to eat anything. I did have my last snack a honey bun. I ate it but still felt weak and very tired. I lay down and slept and did not go to group.

I feel bad for the group leader as this is a brand new group. I’ve co-lead groups before where members have came and went not attending every week and it’s extremely difficult and frustrating. She knows there will be ups and downs but yeah. And things are just starting out. I guess today there were only two other people besides Jess.

I hope that I won’t have to skip again for awhile.

In other news I do like the info on the handout that I guess they didn’t completely go over but will share below.

General Handout 4

Skills Training Assumptions

An assumption is a belief that cannot be proved,

but we agree to abide by it anyway.

1. People are doing the best they can.

All people at any given point in time are doing the best they can.

2. People want to improve.

The common characteristic of all people is that they want to improve their lives and be happy.

3. People need to do better, try harder, and be more motivated to change.*

The fact that people are doing the best they can, and want to do even better, does not mean

that these things are enough to solve the problem.

4. People may not have caused all of our own problems, but they have to solve them


People have to change their own behavioral responses and alter their environment for their life

to change.

5. New behavior has to be learned in all relevant contexts.

New behavioral skills have to be practiced in the situations where the skills are needed, not just

in the situation where the skills are first learned.

6. All behaviors (actions, thoughts, emotions) are caused.

There is always a cause or set of causes for our actions, thoughts, and emotions, even if we do

not know what the causes are.

7. Figuring out and changing the causes of behavior work better than judging and blaming.

Judging and blaming are easier, but if we want to create change in the world, we have to

change the chains of events that cause unwanted behaviors and events.


I agree with all of this and look forward to diving in to this work as the weeks go by.

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