quiet day

Today was kind of a quiet day. Not much went on. The two elavators were down again for most of the day. There’s one elevator they keep getting to work and then it doesn’t last more than a day before breaking again. They’re waiting for parts for the other one. Anyway it was so chaotic for Jess getting back from breakfast that even she didn’t want to go to DBT. We decided that this was like a legit reason for staying home. After all just that one elevator is a little unsafe if you think about it. But we were leget going to go if it hadn’t been for that. Convinced Jess to tell Edith this (she’s not listening to a thing I say about this group versus learning ASL thing) that since I was planning to go but couldn’t could I get credit for effort and get a signing lesson. We’ll see how well that goes over. Hoping Jess talking and not me will help.

Anyway other than that just zoned out. Took a couple naps. Jess’s awesome birthday card and little present came from the Braille store and I was so excited about that!

Other than that not much happening. It’s rainey out. We’ve had thunderstorms at night lately I hate those. I wake up Jess saying it’s scary.

So yeah. Other than that just chillaxing.

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