hard start to the day

So it’s Wednesday and not much has gotten better in terms of elavators here. They finally managed to get one of the broken elavators up and running yesterday afternoon. The admin of the building came on the speaker and said for us to treat it with extra loving care. Well people here have no idea what that means at all. By this morning it was down again!

And it’s like eighty degrees out now so super hot in our room even with the fan on and windows open. Trying to just drink lots of water. Can’t wait for the AC S to be put in. Not sure when that will be because the head of maintance is on vacation! Great timing LOL considering the still broken elavators.

Granted there are other maintance staff but Robert is the best one.

Then there’s our door/ doorknob. With the changing temperatures hot and cold all the time, it makes the wood swell and the door hard to latch closed. You have to aggressively twist the knob and lean into the door to do this. Well now the doorknob is very lose. We’re worried it will come off. Because it’s a special keypad doorknob we only trust Robert and Jonathan with it. Jonathan continues to be so busy he can’t manage to respond to an e-mail text or even hardly stop and say hi. So yeah don’t know what will go on with that.

Talked to my mom yesterday finally. Feel so bad for her as she’s still dealing with sinus infections and other stuff like I was saying last week. Headed to the Dr. again. I did explain about the money issue and food and elavators. She’s gonna give me more money but I still feel so bad about it all.

Anyway that’s about it for now. We’re gonna order out so we can stay upstairs. We really don’t trust the elevator that is running because it’s making weird ringing/ beeping noises. Plus we don’t want to be on there with all the hot sweaty people just to go down to eat food even Jess doesn’t want to eat.

So yeah that’s how things are for me at the moment. Want to write another really important blog post something I want to put a lot of thought into but it’s so hot I can hardly think!

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