recertification for paratransit tomorrow

So tomorrow’s the day. That I’ve been anxious about for like three years! Getting recertified for paratransit. One of my constant anxieties has been that when I go get recertified I won’t get paratransit. Everyone says it’s just a formality and I’ve asked a bunch of blind people on FB and they said mostly it is. Except TX where it’s a horror show. They literally check your blood pressure there to see whether you’re stressed while doing their evaluation! Well I was thinking my blood pressure would be through the roof anyway just thinking about it all! But isn’t that terrible?

Anyway so part of me knows it’s probably gonna be fine. But I’m still really worried that if I don’t get it I will have to like go to walmart on the resident van with the other annoying anxiety provoking residents and Russell driver who smokes goes on side trips sometimes and let the car battery run out once.

And that I wouldn’t be able to go see Robbie or other stuff like Take Jess to her college. And I would be totally devastated if I didn’t get it.

So yeah. It’s gonna be a very long day too. They’re picking us up at like one ten. Then we’re going all the way to ohare airport plaza. And then I don’t even know what they’re gonna do for the assessment. I remember when I first moved here the second day I was here my mom took me and we did the interview. The woman we got was really nice and understood all about mental illness. This was before I had stuff officially diagnosed and was on meds and things were way worse since 2013. I hope I get a nice person. And that we don’t have to go outside because it’s gonna be so hot out.

I’m so glad Jess will be there I couldn’t do it without her. Well I could but I’d be an anxious ball. Will take all my stuff like ipod braillenote and probably a stufty and my soft ball named Ally.

So yeah big day tomorrow.

In good news we have the air conditioning in, one elevator finally working again so there’s two out of three. And they fixed our doorknob.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.

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