no paratransit recertification today!

Well after all the anxiety and getting ready and anticipation, no appointment today. Why? Because they screwed up!

There are two departments with different numbers. One that schedules your appointment to go for the recertification and one that takes you there. So it’s really confusing and no one is communicating and even they’re mixed up about who does what. We got down there all prepared. I was already getting anxious about getting down on time so we were actually early. Had to sit in the loud lobby with the door alarm going off and people yelling and just everwhere being their stupid Albany care resident selves.

So we waited like way past the pick up time. Then I called the number. Of course reception is bad in the lobby plus people were walking by yelling some weirdo guy refused to go to the nurse’s station upstairs and was getting all riled up. So I got disconnected from them a few times. Finally we went into the “little theater” where they have a huge movie theater screen and where a lot of residents literally spend their lives watching old TV shows. Old from like when my parents were growing up. Like Perry Mason or the twilight zone or whatever. So yeah at least it was cooler in there but still with loud TV which I hate. At this point I’d been bounced around between these departments a few times. I had been told I’d completely missed my ride and needed to reschedule. I hadn’t even by that point found out anything on where the driver even was which is why I called originally.

So I was so beyond upset. I’d been building up to this day and Just wanted to get it over with. So I didn’t have to think about it on my birthday. Since I’ll have all sorts of depressing things to think about on that day anyway. But yeah. And I was worried because now I would have a period between when my certification for now ended and when/ if the new one began. Which how it was supposed to go I wouldn’t have had that. So Jess got me up here and calmed me down enough to rest. She went and called these people because I couldn’t take it anymore. Well the department that sends info to the driver had the total wrong address. The other department had the right one so it was a total mistake on their part. Which they admitted. We’ve rescheduled for June seventh and they extended my current certification to July seventh to make up the difference.

So yeah not the best day.

In other hopefully good news I saw Mr. J today finally. I mean saw him like he actually stood still for the amount of time it took to ask for an appointment. And gave me a hug. Though I teased him that I probably shouldn’t be hugging him because I’m so mad. So yeah hope things will go well. I’m sure we’ll have our usual can you realistically be my therapist talk with all your responsibilities talk. And the answer will probably be yes within his limits. And I’ll have to accept that or else have nothing. So yeah hoping that will go well.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.

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