Down day

Hey everyone,

Am having a down day/ evening. Things were ok today. Had my Jonathan session which was a much more relaxed session than last week which was good. We got interrupted by the cops coming over some ex resident stealing or something. So yeah never a dull moment around here!

Anyway my birthday’s Sunday totally not in the mood. My family issues are hard with my gramma on mom’s side passing away any minute now. Plus the drama associated with it all with family members that all they know how to do is fight and hold grudges. So yeah it’s just hard on my mom most of all.

I’m not so close to her we really couldn’t talk due to language barrier as she speaks Spanish and passable English but not enough to follow a fast paced conversation.

Anyway So yeah. Was supposed to go out and get money to go to dunkin doughnuts Sunday. But am too tired and just blah to do anything. Doing it next weekend could be better I think.

So yeah just not feeling it. Think maybe all that’s been built up over the last month and I haven’t let out is catching up with me. I was able to get a lot out last week with Jonathan around my feelings about not wanting to live here and just everything. But just the pressure of keeping everything in was so draining it’s understandable for me to have a delayed reaction. I do this sometimes so get it.

Basically that’s about it.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.

3 thoughts on “Down day

  1. I’m sorry your feeling bla. I get that feeling. Its hard when your tired and just dont have the motivation to do anything. Glad therapy was good though. xoxo

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