a good birthday

So today’s my birthday.

Can’t believe I’m 28. Don’t feel any different.

It was a good day. We opened the box with my presents from my parents in it before lunch. Below is the video. For my deaf friends note the I love you sign at the end!


So that was awesome! Love the clothes and shoes. That Jess and I match. I love the vest Jess got too.

I loved my bag of rocks though of course I’m so picky that I could only find one favorite rock. Favorite rocks are so rare!

So that was cool. Had lunch. Zoned online. Watched the audio described switched at birth episode! Thanjk you Robbie!

Was gonna skype with my family tonight. But my nanna is still hanging in there and it could be any moment and my mom is just drained from it all. So she fell asleep. We’ll skype tomorrow. I was disappointed because my mom can talk in a high voice for all the animals so I actually can talk to him!

But my dad and sister aren’t creative enough and I guess didn’t want to wake him up which I do all the time. But at feeding times he meows and I think it’s the sweetist!

So will have to wait til tomorrow.

Did my usual signing lesson with Edith and had a lot of fun.

Kat surprised me by saying happy birthday to me, ya know verbally. It was perfect too.

Anyway I enjoyed the nice quiet day. Hope you guys like the video.

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2 thoughts on “a good birthday

  1. Glad you had a great birthday. thats awesome. You got some nice presents. And yay about the signing lesson and kat saying happy birthday verbally. Very cool. XXX

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