big day tomorrow recertification for paratransit

Hi everyone,

So tomorrow is the day where I try again to go for my recertification for paratransit! As you’ll recall a few weeks back we tried and they had the wrong address. The driver did everything was right everywhere else it was a crazy mistake and Jess advocated for me and got a new appointment. I can usually self-advocate even when I’m having a hard time but I was crushed emotionally from getting so anxious and keyed up about it waiting and waiting and not knowing what was going on and then having everything change.

So really hoping tomorrow will go fine. Also anxious for the actual interview part and hoping all the paperwork speaks to why I still need the service. In MA I just got it once and then they had a thing where you have it for ten years or something if you’re totally blind. Not everyone gets it someone I knew knew some blind lawyer who set it up said that’s how it’s supposed to be but other people make it hard for this to happen. So anyway have never gone through a recertification. All the blind people I asked on FB say it’s just a formality unless you live in TX. Then it’s leget intense. They even take your blood pressure to see if you’re stressed out by doing this!

But anyway am hoping for the best. Deffinetely will have ativan in me. And Edith will be here tomorrow so if something goes wrong she can yell in their ears.

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