A very long and stressful day part one: medical doctor coming and staff not listening to me

Today was extremely long and stressful. There’s so much I’m making a couple separate blog posts. This is about my experience with staff and my medical Dr. coming in.

Jess and I planned to go to her college so she can take her first math test. We didn’t know of course, that my medical Dr. would be in. Because you often don’t know til that morning. Well I absolutely was not gonna sit down in the doctor’s office first of all not even knowing when or if he’d actually be in. Sometimes they say they’ll be in but then don’t. I had enough things to do that cause anxiety going out and going to the school and everything. Just have had a lot of days out this week or it feels like it. They don’t like it but you can opt out of the Dr. apointment.

So I told my nurse this, that we had to go and of course she was saying if we had to leave at noon couldn’t I do it? And I explained why not and Jess also told the person in the Dr. office. It seemed fine.

Then at one point a CNA came and asked about the Dr. again saying that they wanted me down there. This is after Jess had talked to the same woman who called, and explained why I wouldn’t be there. We finally got her to go away.

Then this is what did it for me. We’re like heading out the door ten minutes to spare and Monica bangs on the door. Monica is the PRC who does the DBT group and is now Jonathan’s asistant. In her anoying voice (she has a slight accent, polish I guess drives me nuts) she said that they wanted me at the Dr.s. We had to explain again what the issue was. Well it’s honestly like she wasn’t listening at all. Couldn’t understand why I had to go with Jess to her school, and what business is that of hers anyway? And just totally like I’m telling you acted as if I hadn’t said anything at all. Kept saying let’s go let’s go and I was like no!

Then she tells me that the records show I haven’t seen the medical doctor since January! We all know that’s not true. I’ve probably blogged about times I’ve gone. So she like would not leave. I was ready to like start screaming I really was. But then she did leave. I cried on Jess’s bed for a few minutes because OMG these people! Remember when I said in my I hate albany post that they treat us like children? Well yeah case in point. Did call Edith and told her about the whole ordeal. If she were here this wouldn’t have happened. Why everyone was going nuts I don’t know. And if their records really do show that I haven’t been to the doctor in the past six months that’s really bad record keeping.

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