long and stressful day part two: bank stress

So on top of the medical doctor stuff. I was checking my e-mail got an automated thing from bank of america saying I would be charged some fee. Apparently you can only withdraw or transfer money six times in every monthly statement time before you get charged a fee. This has never happened before. But I guess I did six. I had gotten money during the month and for my birthday and I like to transfer as much as posible to savings, and then transfer back when I need it. When I have a lot of money in checking I tend to just spend and forget how it adds up. This ensures that I do have savings that I’m careful about taking money out.

So I thought this fee would be like a couple dollars. It’s ten dollars! I couldn’t believe it. Luckily I hadn’t done any transfers since geting the e-mail it was just a warning saying that this would happen if I did anymore. Like I said I seriously had never heard of this and never gotten info on it before. So I don’t know if it’s a new thing or something I just never saw or what.

So I called my go to person for anything money related my mom. Who thank goodness was in a good mood. She suggested I call them and say I didn’t know about it because I’m blind. Thinking on it I’m not sure how well it would work. But I said I would call. She did say she’d put money in my checking for if I needed something, like we really need to go to walmart as soon as posible. But I still feel like crude. For not knowing I mean I do have NVDA and this thing was probably somewhere on the screen. They should like have it pop up in a new window. That way you can’t close out without seeing the thing.

Of course when we went to Jess’s school the next stressful thing was finding out my cell phone battery was low. When I tried to call before going out it said I’d be on hold for forty five minutes which I didn’t have time for. I could have zoned on hold for an hour at the school but had no battery. Did call my mom on Jess’s cell to let her know we’d call tomorrow.

So yeah that was all in one day for Sammy. Can’t wait for this week to be over. We’ve gone out so muchit’s just tiring.

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2 thoughts on “long and stressful day part two: bank stress

  1. woah! I am so glad I banked with Chase and not BOA! although I have like $10 in my savings so yeah! LOL. This is a new thing because I heard other people complainig about it on Twitter. ugh. so sorry!

    • Hey wow if it is new then yeah that explains it. Do you think playing the blind card would work here? My mom sincserily hoped so but even she said there could be nothing they would do. Which is why she uses a massachusetts bank. I wonder how popular chase is like how many banks around and how their online banking is. Are their fees or a minimal balance? Things like that?

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