my Nanna passed away this morning

Sad news from this corner of IL. My nanna who’d been battling lukimia for over a year passed away this morning at eleven. We weren’t close she’s from Honduras and has limited English but she was always sweet and she and her husband Grampa were always there to babysit and things like that. I’m glad that she’s at peace now as she hung on longer than sheprobably comfortably should have. She was stubborn I guess.

I’m more concerned for my Grampa who made several comments to my mom I guess about wanting to die with her. And also for my mom and what this is doing to her. On top of my Nanna’s illness and dying there was a huge drama with my mom’s sister. Not only was she power of attorney but she wouldn’t let any of the other family, my mom Dad and sister or my mom’s brother be there when she and her husband were there. This created all kinds of unnecessary tention and heartake.

I did actually write an e-mail to her last night validating how hard everything must be for her in the role she’s in and gently bringing up that yes our family has issues, but that in a crisis it’s important to stick together and that we’re stronger as a group than individuals. I gently suggested putting differences aside. Turns out today Nanna passed away so yeah. My mom is so stubborn and selfish that it doesn’t matter what anyone says but at least I tried.

I am sad that more people are dying in my family while I’m away. My grampa on my dad’s side died in august 2015. Now Nanna has passed away. I say sometimes that by the time I go home to visit there will be like no one left which I do feel might happen in terms of family other than my parents/ sister and especially pets.

That’s all for now.

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3 thoughts on “my Nanna passed away this morning

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Loss is difficult to deal with. I wish I could say it get easier but I cant. Some moments are tougher than others. I do know having others help you with loss does make it slightly more tolerable. You are in my thoughts.

  2. Hello sam,

    i’m sorry for your loss. I send my condolences to your family if that’s all right. Working together in times of crisis can be a balancing act. It’s hard to strike that balance between pretending and being openly hostile.



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