Walmart was yummylicious!

So today Jess and I had a really good day. We did our usual hanging out during the day and then this afternoon we did our monthly walmart shopping. It was nice out so we got fresh air while waiting for the van to bring us home and walking between the buildings. It also wasn’t nearly as crowded as last month.

We used some of my birthday money to umm go outside our usual budget. We’ve stayed away from the bakery since Christmas. Because it’s so yummylicious and stuff is so expensive. But today we decided that we hadn’t gone in forever and Jess didn’t get cupcakes for her birthday. Except one that I ate half of LOL! So we got a dozen little cupcakes. And a package of chocolate chip cookies. And some candy along with our usual snacks for me. Which hey candy is good seriously I need it because I get weak and need sugar like often.

But it was awesome to do and then we had burger king. So yeah I like our monthly outing as long as it’s not totally crowded. Usually I get a toy there but they don’t have much of a selection there and getting the treats instead is definitely worth it.

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