the vicious cycle of food at albany continues

Hi everyone,

So you all know the story on the bad food here I’ve said it many times.

Today was a fruit plate day for both meals! Am really not liking pineapple and jello anymore. When I was growing up jello was a nice treat.

Anyway I’ve finally written this advocate from the city of Evanston umbudsman or something and told her about the food stuff. Some foods regularly not being cooked right especially meat. The fruit plate thing asked her how these people think jello and fruit is a substancial meal. Suggested why don’t they offer salads or plain noodles or something as subs not jello! She was very nice that day she came to investigate the stupid letter against Jonathan she’s worked with him a lot. I’m sure she’s heard about this. I know the state licensing people are in and out continuously getting reports and yet not a lot seems to change. I’m hoping this woman will do something new as I said she’s so good with Jonathan and also says her job is to try and create solutions.

This food thing is so hard. Because I either eat the fruit plate or try to eat food that upsets my stomach or I buy/ eat snacks or order out which costs money. My parents got me birthday money and I’ve spent about half it seems already! On food. Well I guess one third. Some was for walmart which we get personal items and snacks. But a lot is ordering out. So I feel bad for all that spending the money and needing to order out and then I hate what there is to eat so there’s no way to win. I know many are in the same boat. I feel bad for my friend Kat who’s a vegetarian. She gets a lot of fruit plates too. Why can’t they at least do salads? So yeah that’s been my day.

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