connecting with the ombudsman

So for people that are wondering the meeting with Audrey the Ombudsman from the city of Evanston went awesome! Forget if I wrote that I had written her Tuesday night in response to the food stuff.

Well she came in yesterday sat down with Jess and I for an hour and took a million notes on everything. Said she’d be talking to other residents that she’s spoken to in the past, staff and even coming several times to eat the food and see how things work in the dining room. I was very happy. It still bothers me the stat I heard earlier this week that each resident only gets $1.20 worth of food for every meal. Just wow.

Anyway I admire her determination and willingness to help. With the elavators being so crazy not working and continuing to go down she strongly recommended we write her and she’d contact the city because that’s all kinds of violations. And we did today! So glad she’s in our corner.

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