Major computer issue cracked screen

Hey everyone,

Well it’s been a busy and stressful afternoon.

Edith came by to get me for our meeting and was like OMG there’s a big crack in your screen and I can’t see anything! I’m like what?

So somehow between yesterday when things were totally fine and a couple hours ago there’s this big crack under the glass of the screen. So people can’t see anything except light. I’m like seriously? I got this computer last Christmas. I don’t think I started using it because I forget why, I think I wanted to use my old computer for as long as possible. I didn’t start using it until like January. I don’t drop it I’m extremely careful. I’m very careful with the lid.

Plus there’s no outside damage. I wouldn’t think that stuff could just randomly break but who knows. This is an HP. I don’t know sometimes I question how computers are built now I think they purposely make stuff break so you can spend more money. I refuse to send it out to the manufacturer half the time it comes back with more issues, and they charge for stupid stuff. If Jonathan can take apart my other computer to replace some plastic thing that broke, when I dropped it I’m sure we can figure this out.

Edith was trying to make me feel better like well you don’t need the screen. I’m like I kinda do. Jess or others do help me with my computer. I have all this virus stuff and clean your computer programs that aren’t accessible to my screen reader. So she does look at stuff often. Beyond that I want a working computer! It shouldn’t be breaking in less than a year!

So we’ll see what goes on already e-mailed Mr. J. I guess I’ll just back up stuff in case something does happen. Because til then it’s me solo with the computer which makes me anxious.

I’m just mad about the time thing it really shouldn’t be doing this yes I use it everyday all day LOL. But still. Plus like I said I swear we did nothing to it.

So will keep you posted.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free

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