I lost my favorite rock in my sock!

So we won’t forget this for awhile. I love playing with stuff in my hands. It’s a blindy/ anxiety/ possible autistic thing. I don’t have that much stuff to play with. I love polished rocks but only have one favorite until I lose it because I’m always dropping them and stuff. Anyway I’ve had this favorite for at least a year. Lose it at least once every couple days.

This morning I lost it. Jess (from her hospital room by e-mail) was like look under your butt! It’s been there before. I searched everywhere. Then later I got Edith involved moving everything we couldn’t find it. I was upset what a time to lose my favorite toy to play with when so much is going on. I have like more polished rocks than you can think of here and in storage but none are any I really like or else I’d have them with me 24/7.

So we went down to dinner came back up. I was just sitting here writing. I reached down by my leg. My rock was in my sock!! The whole intire time. I have no idea how this happened and how I didn’t feel it at all even while putting shoes on, walking around my room and everything else. OMG I’ll laugh endlessly on this one!

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